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Ahhh big breaths! or not. you know spring is here when you smell skunk. yay *rolls eyes* but in all seriousness I'm unbelievably happy that warm weather is here. I strongly dislike being cold. And sandals? thank heavens. Any excuse to wear my birks and i'm happy. I've been crazily busy with work lately. It's like there has been a steady trend towards everyone quiting and we're so understaffed. But amazingly, I still feel fantastic. A bit of anxiety but absolutely no sign of depression or sadness or anything remotely not positive. Which makes me want to practically sing with joy. I still wish for a fairy tale to come wisk me away but ya know what? I feel like I'm halfway there. I'm going to make my own fairy tale gosh darn it and it will be fabulous. like me. *wink wink* Diligent Happiness as a certain wise lady says (Elizabeth Gilbert, go look her up). Big smiles all around people!

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Today I hurt everywhere! Yesterday I went rock climbing and while I had a super amazingly fun time, today my whole body aches. And to top off that I had a full day of learning how to give thai massage. ow. would it be bad to take a bath in tiger balm? lol. harumph

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I have only one thing to say today. It may be petty and small but I'm saying it anyway. And loudly too.

Damn you Robert Mugabe, damn you.