Minwaashin Lodge Women's Gathering

Published by Bhavana under on 7:33 PM
Hey all! i'm baaaack. *giggles*

I just the most absolutely amazing weekend ever. Here in Ottawa there is an aboriginal women's support centre called Minwaashin Lodge. Every year there is a huge women's gathering. It was just this past weekend and boy was it incredible. It had tons of traditional things to do. Drumming and singing circles, sweat lodges, crafts (quill earrings, dream catchers), sacred fire, elder teachings. It was a pretty break through weekend personally. During a mandala workshop the image of a wild horse running came to my mind. One of the facilitators later made a comment that horses aren't afraid of their own power. Boy did the tears flow. I realized that i don't embrace my own power and i am damn well going to start. so there. :D