Craziness in the Nation's Capital

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There have been some pretty crazy developments here lately.
First of all we had an insane winter storm yesterday and overnight last night. We got about 40-50 cm of snow (15-20 inches), freezing rain, hail, oh and it felt like -22 with the windchill! That's about -8 Fahrenheit. So it was not fun to say the least. Well we will sure be having a white christmas this year.
Secondly OC Transpo, our public bus system, went on strike. So I'm home from work today. I have adds on a million carpooling websites. But the problem is that there are tons of people wanting drives but very few offering. I might have a few options for thursday and friday. Or I might be sitting at home making no money. There is no way I can walk or take a cab ... it would be at least $25 one way. Also I can't drive and our family car's transmission is dead.
Some background info on why this strike is even worse than the above mentioned reasons. Yesterday I quit my job. But, and that's a mighty big but, I don't have a job to go to. I have some prospects but nothing for sure. I just could not deal with the debilitating stress anymore. So with the bus strike. I don't have a way into work which means I don't get paid coming up to christmas and a soon to be jobless period. I also can't go apply to jobs or get to interviews without the buses. So I'm stuck at home stewing on how much this sucks right now.

Cross your fingers that the city and the transit union come to their egotistical, greedy senses and solve this problem asap!

New Beginnings...

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I hope. I had a job interview to be a manager in training at a local gym. She said I should hear from her by Monday. It seems like the perfect job! I really really hope i get it. It would be a hell of a lot better than the place I am now. There would actually be a possibility of a raise! or a promotion. So I'm crossing my fingers and living in anticipation till i hear back. eek!

On another happy note my best girlfriend 'C' and I had a dinner and a movie date tonight. We went to see Twilight. It's soooo good :) I had read the book awhile ago (before all the crazy hype) and really enjoyed it. Writing was maybe a bit lacking but her storytelling was excellent. I think they did a really good job of making the movie. I was really impressed with the cinematography and the music. They played Ben Harper and Iron & Wine. I was practically giddy with excitement over the Iron & Wine :) Yay for Indie music making it big! Devendra Banhart's Lover was practically the theme song for Nick & Norah's infinite playlist. My girl friend got pissed b/c i was singing along in the theatre. tehe

Sam Beam aka Iron & Wine on the left and Devendra Banhart on the right.
Have I mentioned I TOTALLY have thing for long-haired bearded men? lol.