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That's what I'm listening to. Sealion by Feist. It's so catchy, it makes me bob. yes that's right bob. I love to dance! And I just now discovered I can dance and type at them same time. woo hoo! This is seriously the most exciting part of my day. music. though L did bring pictures of the tiny little italian island he worked at this summer. Apparently thai yoga massage is pretty lucrative. Which is slightly annoying because yoga alone isn't really. but that's another story. I'm talking about my boring day at work. Even with two massage therapists away we were far from busy. But we did have a slightly crazy man come in to try to rent space from us for his 'detox footbaths' um ... no thanks, that's okay. It was pretty funny though.

On another note, tomorrow is date #2 with M the personal trainer. We're seeing a movie, 3:10 to Yuma to be exact. I know it's not exactly a date movie but it was either that or Resident Evil. oy. Thank-goodness for darkened theatres, this way I don't have to wear too much make-up. My face decided it hates me and picked now to explode in zits. You'd think I'd have gotten past that point by now. *sigh* Plus it's right after work. woot woot. more about that tomorrow :D

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Perhaps its the rain, or the time of night, or the changes in my life but whatever the cause I'm starting a blog. Something always seemed a little odd and not just a little voyeuristic. But I think there is some intrinsic value to blogs, perhaps some self-knowledge or worldly knowledge will be gained. I suppose I should start off by introducing myself as the point of blogs is that they are read by others.
Well here it goes. I'm just your typical twenty-year old, searching for meaning in life. I'm a yoga teacher and 'client care administrator' aka receptionist at a fantastic massage & yoga clinic. I couldn't love my job more. I had the amazing luck of studying yoga under world renowned yoga teachers Yogi Vishvketu and Chetana Panwar. Who are probably in India as I type enjoying the hot weather as I listen to the fall rain. I am so lucky to have found my rightful path in life and that is yoga. I guess you could say I'm a study in contradictions. Mixing my Scottish heritage with my love for India makes for quite the interesting life and beliefs to be sure. I suppose that that will be all for my very first post. Y'all got the important 'this is me' stuff anyway.