No I did not die

Published by Bhavana under on 4:20 PM
Shocking I know. I've been insanely busy! So here is my update.
1)My boyfriend has moved in with me. In august we are moving from Ontario to British Columbia. And we are planning on getting married!
2)I have a new job. I do technical support for a long distance telephone company. I was just up for a management position but got passed over for someone in the 'cool group'. My work place is like high school. SO MUCH DRAMA! I also work 45 hrs. a week plus i usually work overtime.
3) I have no life. And from this point on I am going to have one or I'm a monkey's uncle b/c I NEED it. My birhtday is coming up so I'm planning a casino themed party. I've never been one for birthdays but this year I said screw it ... lets do it up! and so I will.

And that is my 5 second update. I promise that from now on I will be around more. I miss you guys!