Updates from My Life

Published by Bhavana under on 10:28 PM
Gosh it's been a long time. Just haven't been much up for blogging lately. But by gosh I'm going to start up again. I say that now at least.

Yoga has been going great guns lately. Lots of Prenatal students and tons of new classes for me to teach. I love having students you get to see all the time and really connect with. We're slowly building our pre and post natal program and it's really exciting.

I've had some health concerns lately but they are definitely starting to look up. I was severely anemic for awhile, I just couldn't figure out why I was sleeping 12 hours and was still totally exhausted. Well it turns out that when you have no iron in your blood and therefore very little haemoglobin or oxygen in your blood stream that kinda happens. Sheesh I was such a wreck. But I'm now in iron pills so that's getting better. Plus at this time I was having weird spinal problems. I have scoliosis and I'm hypermobile (aka double jointed) so I had a few ribs popping out of place. Which let me tell you hurts like a fucker. It's ridiculous how much a little rib can hurt. So now I'm back to spending enormous amounts at the chiropractor to keep those suckers attached to me. tehe.

Hmm what else? I'm planning a weekend to Montreal in a few weekends. I have a friend who lives there with his fiancee and they are letting me stay with them. I can't wait to see him. It's been nearly a year since I last saw him. And you gotta keep your dancer friends :) We might film a duet in the metro station ... don't worry I'll totally post it if that happens.

Goodnight all!