Sensitive to Cussing? well don't read this post baby

Published by Bhavana under on 11:30 PM
This past weekend/week has been one giant cluster fuck from the universe! And not just for me either! It's been madness. Firstly Grease Monkey's roommate is a bitch and decided to give him the boot so we've been in a mad panic to find him an apartment in about 2 weeks. It didn't happen but he does have a place to stay for a month. Hopefully we can find him something by then. Otherwise he's moving to B.C. which I can not handle right now. I finally find a good man, the universe can not be that cruel. I refuse to allow it (cus clearly the universe does exactly what i tell it to)

My work friends have been equally fucked up the ass recently. First on saturday D got pulled over on her way in. She was driving on a suspended license (because she had to get to work to pay the damn fines) so she got in hot water and I had to cancel her appointments for the morning. Trust me massage clients aren't happy when they get to their appointment and their therapist isn't there. She might be very well royally screwed and loose her license ... meaning she can't work and we loose business because we are already under staffed.

Then today C got into a car accident with his girlfriend. So he's obviously shaken up and was not at work. Oh and R quit on Friday night so I have to pick up the slack. I'll have to take her Monday night class and work till 9pm. Plus Fridays I'll now be the only admin staff all day working 11-6 ish. oy!

See cluster fuck! arrrggggg


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